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Manic Janet

Okay friends…these are the things I experience when I’m in low-level Mania, yep, low…(just imagin how I get hwen I’m in Full Tilt Mania…HIDE my credit cards~!):
1. No Sleep, or at least, little sleep; I’ve only slept for five hours in the last three days.
2. The house gets REALLY clean.
3. I get really dirty… 馃槈
4. I make art…LOTS of art.
5. I post like a motherfucker.
6. I tend to cuss, but fuck it, who cares anyyway 馃槈
7. My eyes get bulgy…which is super weird because I already have big eyes. (and they is purdy~!
8. I do things that I would never do…like being on City Council…hahahaaaaahaa~! (That shit gave me my first TIA, Trans Ischemic Attack, I just KNOW it did.) Ha. (I cannot believe that I spelled ‘Iscemic’ correctly~! YEAH m…oh, oops 馃槈
***Hey, Starbaby (aka Debby Polis Carter)…crappy ass links aren’t linking…anyway, you are in charge of my spelling–or typos–today. So there. But you are probably at/in school, if so, you ccan go on duty when you come home.***(okay, why would I say that? Because you won’t even be online until class is over and you’re home — oh, shit…wait. I’m not making any sence, am I? I probably should go back to arting — Ima Freak. SuperFreak, Yeah Yeah.) *Biscuit* (My mechanics are also heitened…<-see, freakin’ eclipses everywhere~! <= Oh, and another squily thing with an excalmation point. Yawn, already…Pffft.)
9. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…Turn the air down to 50 because I’m sweating like a…ah…what sweats a lot? And don’t say pig…I know pigs…those bastards DON’T sweat.
10. Lose weight…Yay Baby~! I still eat but the manic miotabulation burns hothot…bye-bye boobs…always the first to go. sigh. And lots of fruit…love fruit…g’rapes are my fav because they are lagetimate…so No Calories…Shut it down, baby…Shut. It. Down 馃槈
11. Write…I have VOLUMES of journayls full of Stream of Conciousness and angst like a 15yo, which is kinda like this… but this is a numberd list, which makes me look all organized and schtuff.
(I’m a mentiroso femenino about being organized when manic. For example: Yes, as I stated in #2, the house does get super clean but it’s an odd process. I make piles of things and then I move stuff from pile to pile, until the things in the piles all belong — sing along with me — most of these things are related to each other, but one of these things ust doesn’t belong — end)…jeez, WTF am I say/singing?
Hello Mania~!
12. Okay, back to the ranch…again…I start talking to myself and as I talk I will stop at a ramdomd word and spell it outloud loud. Ha.
Okay that’s it…(fucking elipses) I’m really starting to annoy myself — and you I suppose (that ‘you’ is 3rd person, I reckon. The LDs are even bored with me.
That reminds me, BC1 (aka Ki-kers) brought me a chipmunk yesterday. The poor thing was so very dead. I just had to chop off It’s pretty lil’ tail to keep for an art instaltion Im’ working on…you’l see the instaltion soon. Maybe. I don’t know.
Can’t wait to see what I do next
*Biscuits to all* I’m out, the piles await my return.