This blog stated off as strictly a business place. Did that for almost two years and then it began morphing into a ‘whatever’ strikes me place.

I’m happy here.

Or unhappy.

You’ll find old copy below about my business. I still practice as a consultant…and as an agent, finding jobs for people who I know are brilliant at inbound marketing.

People still call me on the phone and want free advice on all sortsa crap (mainly Facebook)…social media crap. And they want it for free.

I don’t return those phone calls.

Well, I might if you’re family…or I like your dog. Send me a picture of your dog if you want free stuff from me, that might work.

Here’s the old copy:

My business is to highlight your business. I bring a fresh and playful eye to the Inbound Marketing industry. Additionally, I have access to strong networking connections, professional SEO and ROI for your Brand, and a personal touch to what many fear; Social Media Marketing.

I have unique abilities in engaging with clients, consumers, and individual creators. My years of intensive theatrical training backed by strong business education, ethics and sensibilities have given me the insight to go above and beyond within the Inbound/Social Media universe.

OR (written by friend and James Beard Award Winning Author, Crescent Dragonwagon):

Janet Alexander brings a spectrum of talents & experience to the activity of Social Media Networking. Why are her networking skills so compelling, interesting, and downright fun? Chalk it up to her thirty years in improvisation, business development, & events planning. Why does Janet listen to your needs? Could be Janet’s time as a waitress and yes, that most ‘I-hear-you’ of professions, bartender~!


Marketing, Event Organization, Social Media Best Practices, Small Business Marketing, Improvisational Theater, Production Management, Talent Buying, Specialized Social Media Training Seminars, Inbound Marketing Best Practices, Online PR, Customer Service Training, Inner Company Group Relations Seminars, Improvisational Workshops for the Employee

Social Media Geek, writer, director, producer, artist, teacher, actor, entrepreneur’ing bi-polar brainiac with a smart mouth and a fat ass.


This is a Note I wrote (not too long ago) on FB:

Well, as some know, I have been trying to write a bio for a couple of weeks now. What I’ve ended up with are pages of frustrating snippets highlighting this or that. One thing I have discovered is that a pound of frustration leads to many naps. Luckily (actually this is yet to be decided) I thought: well, I’ll make a list. I love lists. I’ll just write down every job I’ve ever had. Period.

[Also…If you would rather not read the list, this is for you: blahblahblahsheworkedblahblahblah]

In no specific order:

dog washer
art gallery sales
film Stand In
logo designer
set designer
lighting designer
interior designer
architect’s assistant
drafting degree
english major
art major
history major
psych major
ice cream store clerk
window dresser
on-line message board leader
on-line counseling leader
Hat designer
art materials teacher
toy store manager
music store manager
clothing store manager
art gallery manager
computer operations instructor
line cook
public school fundraiser manager
newspaper byline writer
Social Media Researcher/analyst
talent coordinator
special event planner
special events director
radio voice-overs
media buyer
event marketer
retail sales
fundraiser coordinator
Internet media consultant
sign painter
Brand developer
teen counselor
theatre camp developer/director
resume writer
speech writer
personal assistant
Hair model
jewelry maker

I could put these in some sort of order, but honestly, what is the point? Some jobs happened when I was very young, some overlapped, some lasted for a short time. Lots are my own start-ups…and many continue to this day, again overlapping with my current focus. They are all part of who I have become. And DO NOT EVEN get me started on my volunteering gigs~!

Oh, and just for kicks, I threw one in that I have never done, but would if you asked very nicely~!

I forgot a few, which I was reminded of by my lovely sick friends…You can go here to read all of the comments…



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