Manic Janet

Okay friends…these are the things I experience when I’m in low-level Mania, yep, low…(just imagin how I get hwen I’m in Full Tilt Mania…HIDE my credit cards~!):
1. No Sleep, or at least, little sleep; I’ve only slept for five hours in the last three days.
2. The house gets REALLY clean.
3. I get really dirty… 😉
4. I make art…LOTS of art.
5. I post like a motherfucker.
6. I tend to cuss, but fuck it, who cares anyyway 😉
7. My eyes get bulgy…which is super weird because I already have big eyes. (and they is purdy~!
8. I do things that I would never do…like being on City Council…hahahaaaaahaa~! (That shit gave me my first TIA, Trans Ischemic Attack, I just KNOW it did.) Ha. (I cannot believe that I spelled ‘Iscemic’ correctly~! YEAH m…oh, oops 😉
***Hey, Starbaby (aka Debby Polis Carter)…crappy ass links aren’t linking…anyway, you are in charge of my spelling–or typos–today. So there. But you are probably at/in school, if so, you ccan go on duty when you come home.***(okay, why would I say that? Because you won’t even be online until class is over and you’re home — oh, shit…wait. I’m not making any sence, am I? I probably should go back to arting — Ima Freak. SuperFreak, Yeah Yeah.) *Biscuit* (My mechanics are also heitened…<-see, freakin’ eclipses everywhere~! <= Oh, and another squily thing with an excalmation point. Yawn, already…Pffft.)
9. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…Turn the air down to 50 because I’m sweating like a…ah…what sweats a lot? And don’t say pig…I know pigs…those bastards DON’T sweat.
10. Lose weight…Yay Baby~! I still eat but the manic miotabulation burns hothot…bye-bye boobs…always the first to go. sigh. And lots of fruit…love fruit…g’rapes are my fav because they are lagetimate…so No Calories…Shut it down, baby…Shut. It. Down 😉
11. Write…I have VOLUMES of journayls full of Stream of Conciousness and angst like a 15yo, which is kinda like this… but this is a numberd list, which makes me look all organized and schtuff.
(I’m a mentiroso femenino about being organized when manic. For example: Yes, as I stated in #2, the house does get super clean but it’s an odd process. I make piles of things and then I move stuff from pile to pile, until the things in the piles all belong — sing along with me — most of these things are related to each other, but one of these things ust doesn’t belong — end)…jeez, WTF am I say/singing?
Hello Mania~!
12. Okay, back to the ranch…again…I start talking to myself and as I talk I will stop at a ramdomd word and spell it outloud loud. Ha.
Okay that’s it…(fucking elipses) I’m really starting to annoy myself — and you I suppose (that ‘you’ is 3rd person, I reckon. The LDs are even bored with me.
That reminds me, BC1 (aka Ki-kers) brought me a chipmunk yesterday. The poor thing was so very dead. I just had to chop off It’s pretty lil’ tail to keep for an art instaltion Im’ working on…you’l see the instaltion soon. Maybe. I don’t know.
Can’t wait to see what I do next
*Biscuits to all* I’m out, the piles await my return.

2 responses to “Manic Janet

  1. Janet, lol…I have missed you soooo much, and it’s good to see your digital face again on the web! You are a legend sistah, and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, and inspires the hell out of me when you raise unholy facebook!!!.:p For whatever reason, welcome back my friend. Much love girl, and a wet sloppy southern “they kin?? whutz wrong with them..” kiss…

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